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J-Si’s GoFundMe Rant [AUDIO]

J-Si channeled his inner Kellie Rasberry and went on a rant this morning about a GoFundMe that should NOT be funded. Listen below!
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What We Are Watching [VIDEO/AUDIO]

From the NFL playoffs, to the snow storm, to SNL, we tell you all about what we watched over the weekend. What are you watching? Listen to our discussion from this morning and share below!
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One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson is a dad [VIDEO/AUDIO]

Weekend box office news… Grammy performers announced… Kourtney Kardashian on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”… Is Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles over?… and One...
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I Have A Dream: Home Decorations [AUDIO]

We surprised Marsha this morning by making her dream come true! We were able to hook her up with a $1000 At Home ​gift card to decorate her home as she fights through chemoradiation....
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Dr. Girlfriend is Still Moving to Detroit [AUDIO]

Big Al Mack and Dr. Girlfriend haven’t talked a lot about their future, but Big Al wants advice on planning a going away party. Listen below!  
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Jenna Rates Her Ex Boyfriend [VIDEO/AUDIO]

The girls were asked to rate pictures of men sent in from KiddNation but an unexpected picture caused this reaction from Jenna. Don’t miss watching the video below!    ...
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When do I tell my kid… [AUDIO]

We take calls to hear when you or your parents made a big reveal to your kids about who their real parents are. Check it out below!
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Does That Make Me Crazy?! [AUDIO]

From alphabet order to food phobia, we take your calls and determine how crazy you are. Listen to the funny calls we got and tell us your crazy in the comments below!
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Viral Video: Where’d my cotton candy go?

This raccoon found a chunk of cotton candy. When the animal dipped the cotton candy into a puddle to wet it, the chunk dissolved. Watch below… it’s the saddest thing you’ll see...
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Love Letters to Kellie: Gift Sabotage [AUDIO]

Kellie, our love expert, helps one man who thinks his ex wife is trying to sabotage the gift he got his daughter. Listen below as Kellie gives her advice on this and much MORE!
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