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Real Housewives....

I've been avoiding it, on purpose really-  most of my friends post about how crazy the girls are and how they don't rep Dallas anyway-  but last night Raven text me and asked if I was...
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ok, so I'm not the BEST cook ever, but I like to at least try!  Especially on a budget-  soooo  I found this the other day-  it's super easy, doesn't take too much time, and...
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Craaaazy Texas weather

When I was in HS I was in a volunteer club called "Girls Service League"  I have always liked volunteering and helping others and I'm always looking for ways I can give back.  2nd to...
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New pics!

It's been a lil while since I had some new pics taken, these are just the drafts and the web peeps are going to edit them for random things- but here's a sneak peek! 
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N Texas Tornado damage

It was the day after Christmas... I've lived here my whole life-  I'm used to the crazy storms, the wind, even the tornado sirens!  And I've seen the destruction of storms on the news......
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Jingle Ball!

Thank you SO much for coming out to Jingle Ball!  I hope you had a blast!  Who was your fav?  5SOS?  1D? Calvin Harris? Demi?  Lemme know!  Here are a few of my...
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I've been SLACKIN!

I'll admit it...  I've been slackin' and I haven't posted pics in forever...  so much has happened- I never stop learning and finding new places to see- people to meet- and most...
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Happy Birthday, Mila Kunis

Today is Mila Kunis' Birthday!
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10 Worst Parents Of All Time

And you thought YOUR parents were bad...
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86 Year Old Granny Can Whip & Nae Nae

Have you seen this one?
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